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McLaren 600LT

When it comes to performance driving, few cars can match the prowess of McLaren. Born from track-proven engineering, McLarens stand out from other sports cars because drivers know every detail is fine-tuned for thrills. Recently, the McLaren Sports Series has given drivers race-inspired cars that feel equally at home on the road or track. With this line of high-performance sports cars now coming to an end, its legacy is secure. Looking back at the Sports Series models, their impact on automotive performance is clear. The line included sports cars that broke new ground and reached new heights. Every car in the McLaren Sports Series brought something different to the table and forged a new foundation for McLaren.

Sport Series

Along with the Ultimate and Super Series, the Sports Series comprised one of three main classes within McLaren Automotive. Compared to the other vehicles, Sports Series cars were among the more versatile. Drivers of these cars could use them just as easily on the streets as the racetrack. They offered a great option for McLaren enthusiasts without requiring the most technical driving abilities.

In a Super Series car, drivers could always expect a vehicle that was responsive and highly capable. These cars offered a first-rate driving experience. Their specifications matched those of any other street-legal vehicle. Like all McLaren cars, their racing pedigree made them stand out on the track as well.


In the Sports Series, the McLaren 570S started it all. Unveiled in 2015, the 570S promised to bring a new standard of driving to roads across the world. Every detail was planned out to give drivers an unbeatable experience. This lightweight, ultra-powerful car continued McLaren’s tradition of maximizing performance. It also set the stage for all the McLaren Sports Series cars to come.

When measuring performance, the blistering fast acceleration of the 570S stands out. It leaps form a stand-still to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. The 570S can then surpass 200 km/h in under 10 seconds. At max speed, it can surpass 200 miles per hour. This is all thanks to its 562-horsepower twin turbocharged V8 engine.


When it came time to follow up the success of the 570S, McLaren introduced the 540C. With this model, McLaren set out to create a sports car that could function just as well for a driver’s daily needs. Therefore, McLaren added practical features to the 540C like increased luggage capacity. The 540C was a car that was meant to be seen. Drivers could confidently drive it anywhere and it still boasted exceptional performance.

In terms of performance, the 540C still keeps pace with the 570S. While slightly slower than its predecessor, topping out at 199 mph, it closely matched its acceleration figures. It reached 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, just two-tenth of a second slower than the 570S. This all allows for improved driver comfort and more versatility from the sports car.


The next addition to the McLaren Sports Series was the 570GT. Once again, this took the performance standards of the 570S and adapted them to a more practical car. As a GT, this McLaren was designed for longer journeys. Drivers had no need to decide between daily use and the performance-based sports car experience. In the 570GT both became possible.

With the same engine, the 570GT matches the 570S’s power output of 562 horsepower. It can also match the 200+ mph top speed and dynamic acceleration. Where the 570GT shines brightest is the improved interior. It includes more space, premium luxury, driver-assist technology, and other convenient features. Thanks to this the 570GT makes the driving experience all the more pleasurable for drivers.


After the 540C and 570GT focused primarily on daily usability, McLaren shifted their focus back to power with the 600LT. The goal was simple for engineers, create a road-legal car that maximized performance. To accomplish this, they leaned on McLaren’s classing ‘Longtail’ design. Every detail was perfected, creating the most capable Sports Series car to date. Thanks to several innovations, the 600LT took its place as one of the most powerful production cars around.

For the 600LT, innovation started on the outside. The carbon-fiber body underwent rigorous aerodynamic testing. As a result, this McLaren features optimized airflow, stronger downforce, and an incredible power-to-weight ratio. With all these factors, the 600LT surpasses even the 570S with 592 horsepower. It is also quicker off the line. The 600LT can reach 100 km/h in under three seconds and hits 200 km/h in 8.2 seconds.


To complete the Sports Series, McLaren imagined a sports car without limits. A race car freed from motorsport regulations. The result was the most powerful Sports Series release. Released on a limited basis, the McLaren 620R became the definitive vehicle in the series. It represented the culmination of each prior released. Based again on the 570 series, the 620R showed drivers the most advanced engineering yet.

Engineered specifically for the track, the 620R is a car dedicated specifically to the most passionate McLaren fans. Its output surpasses any other in the Sports Series, becoming the first in its line to surpass 600 horsepower. Once again, downforce is emphasized, with engineers adding over 185 kg for the 620R. A beast on the track, the 620R is the Sports Series car at its fullest potential.

What Comes Next

As McLaren Automotive restructures its categories, the 620R will go down as the last in the Sports Series. These cars helped move the brand forward, striking a balance between racing and street-legal driving. Though each model emphasized something a little different, they all showcased the finest McLaren had to offer. Engineered with remarkable precision, the McLaren Sports Series will leave a legacy of excellence behind.

Moving forward, McLaren has announced new classifications for its next releases. These categories are GT, Supercars, and the Ultimate Series. It appears in the future, McLarens will boast even more power and capabilities. As new models begin to hit production the emphasis will remain the same. McLaren drivers can expect an unbeatable experience without exception.


Already building towards the future, the McLaren Artura is the latest super car to take inspiration from the Sports Series. Brand new, this upcoming McLaren is highly anticipated. Designers are billing it as the beginning of a new era. It is light, aerodynamic, powerful, and features a High-Performance Hybrid powertrain. The Artura is a super car with electric power capabilities that meets the same performance metrics as expected from McLaren. It is a truly revolutionary vehicle.

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