Consignment Authorization

Vehicle Consignment Agreement

Exclusive listing with the exclusive right to sell

(I) or (we), the undersigned, hereinafter, called the Consignor and McLaren Orlando, hereinafter, called the Consignee, agree as follows:

1. The Consignor consigns and delivers possession of the following vehicle to Consignee

which shall be deducted from the final selling price immediately upon sale of the vehicle. In this agreement, a "sale" occurs when the Consignee: (A) receives the List Price or the agreed upon sales price or its equivalent, or executes a conditional sales contract for the vehicle, or (B) when the purchaser takesdelivery of the vehicle, whichever comes first. Within 20 days after the sale, the Consignee shall make an accounting to the Consignor of all of the following: date of sale, repairs authorized by the Consignor (supported by work records), and the total sales price. Upon payment to the monies due the Consignor, the Consignor agrees to furnish the dealer all documents necessary to transfer the ownership of the vehicle to the purchaser including clear title and any lien release documentation. *If the Consignee finds a buyer for the subject vehicle and the Consignor circumvents or goes around the Consignee in an attempt to avoid payment for the commission to Consignee, by selling to the customer developed by the Consignee, this will be treated as a sale and the above commission will be due and payable to the Consignee. A sale by or on behalf of the Consignor to any person, firm or entityother than the Consignee, during the duration of this Agreement with or without assistance of the Consignee will also be treated as a sale and the above commission will be due and payable. Initials X