The Edge Is Calling

Hard Lines. Fast Times.

When it’s just you. The car. Raw and uncompromised. An empty road ahead. Calling you. Total focus. Pure adrenaline. This is the moment to push yourself. To the very edge of your ability. This is the McLaren 600LT. The next chapter in the storied history of the McLaren ‘Longtail’. Only the fourth McLaren in two decades to receive the LT – or ‘Longtail’ – name. It lives and breathes the relentless spirit of its ‘Longtail’ predecessors. United by the same singular focus. To push performance and driving to the absolute edge. This is not a car for the faint-hearted. This is a track animal let loose on the road.


More even than reduced weight and increased power. The absolute remit of the 600LT is to engage and excite drivers to the highest levels imaginable. It exists to heighten engagement. To deliver unprecedented feedback. It is for drivers who want to push themselves to the edge of their limits… and beyond. To drive a 600LT is to understand this feeling. Absolute driver engagement is the ethos at the heart of the 600LT. Just as it was with the 675LT. And both these LT models took inspiration from the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ race car. Key on the 600LT are the lightweight forged aluminium double wishes components from the McLaren 720S – just as the 675LT utilised suspension derived from the McLaren P1™. Delivering power from the mid-mounted engine to the rear wheels is a dual-clutch, seamless-shift seven-speed gearbox. Using technology developed for the 675LT – and adopted from Formula 1 – the 600LT uses Ignition Cut in Sport mode. In Track mode optimal gearshift performance is achieved through our Inertia Push technology. The 600LT-specific launch-control function delivers astonishing straight-line performance: acceleration from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) is delivered in just 2.9 seconds.


For the 600LT it’s simple. A focus on pure driving exhilaration. Nothing more. From the top-exit exhausts to the race car-inspired carbon fibre bodywork, we have pushed the boundaries to set a new sportscar benchmark. Inspired by the renowned 675LT and its iconic ‘Longtail’ racing predecessor, the 600LT is the most extreme incarnation of the McLaren Sports Series. One built to excel on roads and race circuits, to take driver engagement and excitement to the absolute maximum. The 600LT features an exhaust system even more extreme than that of the McLaren Senna. Mounted literally over the driver’s shoulder it brings the incredible sounds of the powertrain right into the cabin. Many of the distinctive features of the McLaren 600LT contribute towards the aerodynamic excellence. The ‘shrink-wrapped’ design carefully channels airflow over every panel. The aggressive appearance of the 600LT is a function of its track-focused intent. It sits closer to the ground because the 8mm reduction in ride height improves body control and enhances low-speed agility and high-speed stability.


Lower. Longer. With an extended silhouette that optimises the aerodynamics. Built from lightweight carbon fibre, the new aerodynamic package features a unique fixed rear wing. The increased levels of downforce – 100kg at 250km/h (155mph) – generate more grip and high-speed stability for improved track performance. It shapes the feeling you get behind the wheel. Connecting you to the drive like nothing else. The new carbon fibre bodywork of the 600LT extends both its front and rear dimensions to increase downforce levels. The aggressive carbon fibre front splitter is the first crucial point at which the air interacts with the incredibly powerful fixed aerodynamic package. Directly behind the front splitter is a new carbon fibre floor. Not only lighter and stiffer, it features subtle blades to generate downforce. And set within this flat floor are two new intakes. They channel additional cooling air onto the front brakes, to meet the higher braking loads generated by the increased speeds and performance of the 600LT. The new carbon fibre rear diffuser is more powerful because of the physically longer tail of the 600LT. And it is further enhanced because the repositioned exhausts mean it can now be both wider and taller.

Taking It To The Edge 3.8L V8
Top Speed 204 mph
Horsepower 592 hp
Torque 457 lb-ft
0-62 mph 2.9 sec
Engine Layout 3.8L V8
Technical specifications
  • Maximum Speed
  • 0-100kph (62mph)
  • 0-200kph (124mph)
  • Maximum Power
  • Maximum Torque
  • 328kph (204mph)

  • 2.9s
  • 8.2s
  • 600PS (592bhp)
  • 620Nm (457lbft)

  • Engine Capacity
  • Type
  • Technology
  • 3,799cc

  • V8, 3.8L
  • Twin Turbochargers, Dry Sump

  • 100-0kph (62-0mph)
  • 200-0kph (124-0mph)
  • 31M (102ft)

  • 117M (384ft)

  • CO2 Emissions EU NEDC
  • CO2 Emissions EU WLTP
  • 266g/km

  • 277g/km

  • Dry Weight (Lightest)
  • DIN Kerb Weight
  • 1,247kg (2,749lbs)

  • 1,356kg (2,989lbs)