McLaren Senna for Sale at McLaren Orlando

McLaren Senna For Sale

Every McLaren is held to the highest standards. But what happens when a car is pushed to deliver the absolute best performance? That is what McLaren asked when building the Senna. The brand’s track racing roots directly inspired this ultimate series car. Able to reach blistering speeds, the McLaren Senna is the fastest road-legal car from the automaker. Extremely rare, this car is suitable for the streets but an absolute force on the track. Drivers who have tried it all and want the best of the best need to experience this car. Learn more about the McLaren Senna, for sale now at McLaren Orlando.

McLaren Senna Showroom

Ayrton Senna’s Uncompromising Spirit

When McLaren says the Senna is inspired by a rich racing heritage, the proof is in the name. The car is named for Ayrton Senna, the most accomplished McLaren F1 driver. Considered one of the best to ever take the track, Senna won three driver’s titles in four seasons. It was part of a string of four consecutive Formula 1 titles for McLaren.

During his time with the team, Senna and McLaren shared a common vision. They both focused their uncompromised attention on winning. He once said of F1 that, “You give everything you have, everything, absolutely everything.” In honor of Senna, McLaren followed that vision when building his namesake model. They put everything into making the McLaren Senna the best performance car in the world.

Unparalleled Track-Focused performance

Senna’s greatness cannot be measured in numbers alone. Instead, McLaren insists that the only way to understand this car’s greatness is to experience it firsthand. No McLaren model has ever produced faster lap times on the track. Drivers will notice an intimate and immersive drive. Feel a deep connection with the car as it reaches high speeds and showcases precision handling. The Senna’s power is matched by few other vehicles.

Top drivers know that responsive feedback from the car is key to conquering the track. In the McLaren Senna, every aspect is geared towards promoting this connection. Essentially, this car gives drivers the feedback they need to enjoy the sensation of high-performance driving. The Senna always puts drivers in control. Experience the ultimate driving thrills.

McLaren Senna For Sale

The McLaren’s Senna’s Impressive Features and Specifications

While feel comes first in the McLaren Senna, its specifications still dazzle. Its 4.0 L V8 engine has an output of 789 horsepower. Furthermore, it comes with electrically actuated twin-scroll turbochargers and dry sump technology. The Senna’s torque checks in at 590 lb-ft. At top seeds, it can reach over 200 miles per hour. Lastly, it is lightning quick off the line with a 0-60 time of under 2.8 seconds.

Throughout the McLaren Senna, leading racing technology is everywhere. A new hydraulic suspension can reduce ride height when in race mode. Called RaceActive Chassis Control II, it aids mechanical grip at low speeds, then becomes stiff as the Senna accelerates. The carbon fiber plenum set above the engine allows air to efficiently cool the engine. Finally, the braking system is the most advanced in McLaren’s history. This allows the Senna to come to a complete stop in just 100 meters at 124 mph.

Groundbreaking Design to Maximize Performance

As always with McLaren, the beautiful, functional design comes along with world-class engineering. Form and function work in tandem to amplify the Senna’s outstanding performance. An aggressive exterior gives this model a different look than any McLaren that has come before. The result is a hypercar that reaches the highest performance targets. Two factors that influenced the design were the maximization of downforce and aerodynamic balance.

Right down to the exhaust system, McLaren did everything possible to reduce the Senna’s weight. The ‘slash cut’ exit pipes are tightly packed and made from lightweight materials. For drivers, the Senna focuses attention on the road to create an immersive experience. From the window to the seats and the doors, the Senna is completely driver-centric. It does not boast extravagant luxury. Instead, it commits to unbeatable performance.

McLaren Headquarters Senna

Leading McLaren Innovation

Innovation is everything for McLaren Senna. To truly push the car to its limits, engineers formulated several clever solutions. One example already mentioned is the new suspension system. McLaren borrowed technology originally developed for the P1 model. They then refined and improved it, making the suspension able to generate more downforce. Front aero blades and the active rear wind optimize airflow and balance.

In total, the Senna creates 800 kg of downforce. This far exceeds any previous McLaren model. Drivers benefit directly as they can carry more speed into corners and spend less time braking. Additionally, with different drive modes, the Senna can either cruise comfortably or spring into action. McLaren thought so deeply about how to optimize the Senna they included options for lightweight paint or even a quick-release license plate plinth.

The McLaren Senna GTR

Wondering if McLaren could top the Senna? The answer is yes. That is because they also built the Senna GTR, a solely track-focused version of the Senna. The GTR model does not restrict itself to the regulations of the road or motorsports. For track use only, only McLaren F1 cars have ever delivered faster lap times. Somehow, it manages to far exceed even the base, Senna.

The McLaren Senna GTR tops 813 horsepower. In short, it is the ultimate track-focused McLaren. With only 75 examples ever made, the GTR is exclusive, even compared to the base Senna of which just 500 units exist. Due to the extreme rarity of these models, it takes a special dealership to have a McLaren Senna for sale.

McLaren Senna GTR

Senna and Senna GTR for Sale at McLaren Orlando

Currently, at McLaren Orlando, we have a 2019 McLaren Senna available along with a 2020 Senna GTR. Both have less than 100 miles on the odometer. These extremely rare sports cars are both one-of-a-kinds. For anybody, these would without a doubt be the crown jewel of any car collection. Call 407-988-0111 today for more information about McLaren’s ultimate performance model, the Senna.

McLaren Orlando is Central Florida’s leading brand expert. We are one of the only dealerships in the world where you can find the McLaren Senna for sale. To inquire, contact us today. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Our expert sales team puts buyers first and will work to develop a personalized financing plan. We always promise individual attention to everybody. Visit our dealership today for a great selection of new and used McLaren models including the Senna and Senna GTR.