McLaren Artura: The Latest Technology Details

McLaren Artura Red Front

With the release of the new Artura coming soon, McLaren has unveiled more information about its upcoming hybrid supercar. This information confirms that Artura is a masterpiece of technology. Throughout the car, drivers will find technology that makes this vehicle revolutionary. The goal was always to make the Artura the most advanced and functional McLaren to date. Now that more information is available, anticipation is growing for Artura’s release.

Knowing the Artura would introduce hybrid driving to the McLaren lineup, the automaker wanted to push further. Therefore, drivers will notice more features that make the Artura stand apart from the competition. It has a true emphasis on innovation. The Artura is lightweight and responsive. Inside, owners will find the latest driver-focused technology. Continue reading to learn more about the technology found in the new McLaren Artura.

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One of the most noticeable aspects of this car is the new engine. The Artura is a mid-engine supercar but features a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6. This is in contrast to the V8 engine found in other McLarens and other competitors. In comparison to the V8 engine, this V6 is more compact and efficient. McLaren created this engine specifically with hybrid driving in mind. It also weighs just 353 pounds, over 100 pounds lighter than McLaren’s V8.

Despite the smaller size, this V6 is still made for an impressive powertrain. It has an output of 577 horsepower before the addition of the electric battery pack. It can also produce 431 pound-feet of torque. This makes it one of the most powerful V6 engines in any production car. Compact but mighty, this new engine sets a new standard for McLaren. Its innovations will likely set the stage for future models as well.

Hybrid Technology

The Artura is McLaren’s first attempt at a production hybrid sports car. However, the vehicle’s specifications suggest it was engineered with great thought and care. The electric motor uses a new axial-flux mechanism that has a strong power density. Checking in at 7.4 kWh, the lithium-ion battery allows for all-electric driving capabilities for a limited distance. Overall, the hybrid systems in the Artura add a modest 287 pounds. This is significantly lighter than the majority of existing hybrid vehicles.

Including hybrid engineering, the McLaren Artura can produce over 670 horsepower and nearly 600 lb-ft of torque. This puts it in an elite class of production vehicles. With Artura’s success, more electric vehicle innovations should come soon from the automaker. It fits in with the existing lineup of McLaren supercars and stands out with its hybrid architecture.

McLaren Artura Cyber Tires


Drivers can find another exciting new feature in the Arutra’s tires. Recently announced, McLaren is tabbing the Artura as having the first “Cyber Tires”. Rather than sensors in the wheels, the sensors for the Artura are instead within the tire structures. Created by Pirelli, these sensors can measure metrics like tire pressure, temperature, and acceleration. This will give drivers instant feedback that was not previously available. Equipped with these capabilities, the Cyber Tires present exciting new options for future models.

Using a Bluetooth sensor, the Artura’s tires will communicate as part of the car’s integrated system. The Artura will utilize interconnectivity to make it one of the smartest vehicles ever built. Its ethernet-based electrical architecture will save weight. Furthermore, it will make over-the-air software updates possible.

Lightweight Architecture

Remarkably, light, the Artura’s monocoque weighs only 82 kilograms. The Artura introduces the new McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture (MCLA). Commonly, hybrid vehicles will weigh more than standard models. This is because of the additional components needed for electric power. With the Artura, McLaren has worked hard to offset this weight. Thanks to the smaller engine and lighter body, the Artura manages to remain remarkably lightweight for a hybrid supercar. The MCLA includes all components of the car’s structure, making sure nothing weighs more than necessary.

Thanks to the MCLA, the Artura can maximize its driving capabilities. It is built with composite materials, making use of four new types of carbon fiber. Furthermore, it includes a new resin system and market-leading strength and stiffness. Overall, Artura’s exterior is built to the standards of other McLaren vehicles. It was not enough to create a hybrid supercar. McLaren set out to create a vehicle that could hold its own against other high-performing models.

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Inside the Artura are a variety of driver-friendly features. It promises to keep drivers engaged every moment they are behind the wheel. Also, it is easy to switch between driving modes with the touch of a button. It will combine with an infotainment system that provides drivers with everything they need. This includes HD touchscreens, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto capabilities. Lastly, hybrid driving allows for better feedback to the driver and a more responsive ride.

For safety, drivers can also find great features in the Artura. Driver-assistance highlights include adaptive cruise control, road-sign recognition, lane-departure warning, and automatic high beams. This gives drivers the option to take as much control over the drive as they need. Even when fully engaged, the Artura is looking out for its owner. However, the Artura still maintains McLaren’s signature electro-hydraulically assisted steering system.

Driving Experience

Impressive as the specifications are, one test remains for Artura. Can its driving match that of other McLaren models? Engineers have worked hard to ensure that it can. The car’s power output matches other models and exceeds that of any other V6 currently on the market. It can reach top speeds over 200 miles per hour. At its heart, the Artura is still a McLaren born from an impressive racing pedigree.

As is standard for a McLaren vehicle, form follows function. That is why the latest aerodynamic technology was used to optimize airflow. The car is low to the ground and generates tremendous downforce with its cutting-edge design. With a new rear suspension system, downforce is further boosted, making the car more stable and agile. It is also under control with a new electronic differential that gives drivers additional traction.

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