A New Type of McLaren: The 2021 McLaren GT

McLaren GT Copper Dynamic

When McLaren is brought up, a specific image usually comes to mind. A stunning sports car, driving along the open road or a racetrack. There is the engine’s roar and quick acceleration. The car can reach speeds over 200 mph and then effortlessly handle hairpin corners. This is the McLaren identity, one that has made them one of the world’s most compelling automakers. However, what if a car could deliver McLaren’s signature performance while having the practicality to be driven daily? That idea is the basis for the 2021 McLaren GT.

Made to handle daily driving and longer trips, the McLaren GT still has the DNA of a supercar. It looks the part of a McLaren racer but delivers the traditional GT experience to drivers. In fact, it goes above and beyond what many other vehicles in the GT market can accomplish. This car can give drivers all the luxury and convenience of a premium GT without compromising the excitement of other McLarens. Here are some more details about the McLaren GT from McLaren Central Florida.

Grand Touring

When it came to building the McLaren GT, the British automaker came across a new challenge. It was no revelation that McLaren could build a performance sports car. Their models have boasted elite performance for years. The difference here is they had to repurpose their track-proven accomplishments. To build the best GT, McLaren needed to create a vehicle that could perform frequently over longer distances.

After years of hard work, the McLaren GT, the founding model of the brand’s GT series, hit the production line. Fitted with McLaren’s signature engineering, the GT features the same great power as other models. However, this one is fit for daily driving. A car that breaks convention, it has the heart of a McLaren and the soul of a grand tourer. The most practical McLaren ever, the GT can still drive like a super car when pushed to its limits.

McLaren GT Copper Front

Engine and Specs

Beginning with the engine, McLaren fitted the GT with a 4.0L twin turbocharged V8. With a 3,994cc engine capacity, the car has as much muscle as many other performance cars from other automakers. With this power, McLaren clearly does not treat the GT like a gimmick. Whenever asked to, it is ready to give drivers breathtaking performance.

The McLaren GT starts fast, accelerating from 0-60 mph in just a blink over three seconds. Like most McLarens, it tops out over 200 mph. Its power metrics are impressive too, featuring 612 bhp and 465 lb-ft of torque. Still, it remains relatively light thanks to the carbon fiber chassis, checking in with a 3,232 lb dry weight.


In designing the GT’s body, McLaren put aerodynamics first. Side vents create the ideal airflow around the car. Its distinctive shape resembles that which is commonly associated with McLaren. In the rear, the GT has an integrated spoiler, a diffuser, and lowered exhaust. The previously mentioned carbon fiber chassis keeps weight low, but boosts strength and efficiency.

Because the McLaren GT is a mid-engine car, the shape does not resemble that of other grand tourers. Instead, it is a merger of traditional GT elements with highly functional McLaren design. The McLaren GT measures 4,688 mm, with the rear much longer than the front. This gives space for the mid-engine and room for storage, while allowing for a more aerodynamic design.


For the driver and passenger, the McLaren GT introduces reimagined luxury. The leather interior is both lightweight and premium quality. The materials on the seats and door sidings are remarkably soft and comfortable. Even the steering wheel and available paddle shifters feel great. Compared to other McLarens which tend to focus on functionality, the GT also puts luxury at a premium.

When designing the exterior, McLaren follows the philosophy that form follows function. That same approach is taken with the McLaren GT’s interior. Drivers will notice that the car’s layout is very well-thought out. Buttons are mindfully laid out, making it easy to use. Adjusting features such as the drive modes is extremely easy.

McLaren GT Interior


In addition to the luxury features found in the cabin, drivers will also get the benefit of technology. The McLaren GT features a prominent touch screen which drivers can use to access their infotainment options. This screen is highly responsive making it easier to use than most found in sports cars. There is also a digital display behind the steering wheel. This display is customizable and makes it easy for drivers to view information about the car.

Luxury and Convenience

A grand tourer needs to offer its drivers the ability to take the car over longer distances. This presented the most significant shift for McLaren when making their GT. McLaren cars are always praised for their performance. However, their racing pedigree normally make them cars best suited for the track. In this case, McLaren proved a car could do both.

First, the McLaren GT needed more storage space. To create this, McLaren covered the engine, creating room in the rear. Here, there is enough space for a suitcase, golf bag, or even a pair of skies. Under the hood, there is another large luggage area. Combined, these spaces have as much available storage as some small SUVs.

McLaren GT Blue Profile

Driving Experience

When they get behind the wheel, drivers will be treated to an experience only McLaren can provide. The GT is a joy to drive on the open road. Its gear shifts are highly responsive, making the ride exceptionally smooth. These are elements in which McLaren always delivers outstanding results. The GT manages to go beyond McLaren’s usual brilliance, however.

In addition to the highway, the GT is great for all-purpose driving. It can manage city streets with a tight turn radius. The short hood gives the driver a good view of the surroundings, making it easier to see. Furthermore, it manages tight corners masterfully. In these situations, drivers will always feel complete control. The steering is particularly outstanding as drivers will feel completely connected with the wheels.

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